Si Music Ltd.
is one of the few independent publishing companies in Poland which has been created to promote and have better supervision over musical works of Krzesimir DÍbski the most popular and well known composer, arranger, conductor and producer.
The family business has been started by Anna Jurksztowicz a very popular singer and producer of music, actual president of the company.

For over 20 years our professional activities have been noticed in music business and our reputation has been built through careful cultivation of relationships within the music, film, radio, television and film producers community. The cooperation with singers, production companies and publishers in Poland resulted in creation of Si Music - independent Publishing and Production company.The development of the company and the proper attitude towards artists and their creation resulted in cooperation with some very famous and interesting artists and authors.

Besides Krzesimir DÍbski we actually cooperate with Wojtek Mrozek whose adaptations of ethnic and folk music from over the world are performed by many orchestras in Poland and abroad.
Raphael Luszczewski is a well known pianist who performs all over the world and there are many contemporary pieces of music created by Krzesimir DÍbski, our composer, which he included into his repertoir.
Recently we started a very interesting collaboration with one of the well known in Poland pop-rock group called ,,Turnioki'' who plays and sings songs inspired by Polish mountain folk music. Many interesting projects has been started with this group and some of them has been already accomplished with great success such as mutual concerts with symphonic orchestras with new arrangements.

Our aim is to create a Polish music catalogue of pop songs, film music and contemporary classical works. We have over 600 copyrights registered and are in the process of signing new music pieces and writers. Having good contacts with young composers, lyrics writers and producers we are open for new media possibilities and we develop our activity on different fields of exploitation.

The film music and the classical contemporary works of our artists are released by different phonographic companies such as EMI Poland or Warner Music Poland. Many of the CDís with music of Krzesimir DÍbski has reached golden or even double platinum status.


Si Music's artists: