Anna Jurksztowicz, a popular singer in her nativ Poland,  began her vocal career in an amateur renaissance vocal ensemble Musicus Poloniensis. An Olivier Messien scholar, Henryk Boskar, was her first teacher. She studied classical singing in a Music College in Szczecin, but later quit 'belcanto' fascinated by jazz and popular music. Only 16 years old Jurksztowicz, already performed professionally on stage next to most famous Polish pop stars.
In 1980-83 she was a lead vocalist of a jazz vocal group Music Market that specialized in
gospel and spiritual music, and in 83-85 she joined Poznan's Spirituals and Gospel Singers.
With those groups she performed and recorded in Poland and abroad - Germany, Sweden, Russia.

Her first solo performance was in 1985 on one of the two most famous song contests in Poland (KTPP, Opole) where she won the First Prize as well as the Karol Musiol Prize. Later she collected several other prizes on that festival for performing 4 new songs. Anna Jurksztowicz represented Poland on many international festivals and song contests such as in Sopot (Poland 1985), Dresden (Germany 1987), Curacao (Duch Antiles, 1988), Jurmala (Latvia 1989), Karlshamn (Sweden 1990), Siracusa (Italy 1991), Istanbul (Turkey 1991) and in Cairo (Egypt 1995).

She recorded many songs from original soundtracks of motion pictures and TV series such as Kingsajz, Czulosc i Klamstwa, Matki Zony i Kochanki, Na Dobre i Na Zle, Wiezy Krwi, Ranczo.

Recently she also performs for children. She recorded many songs to motion pictures such as the Nobel Prize novel by H. Sienkiewicz based W Pustyni i W Puszczy, and Polish language versions of the Walt Disney productions of Happy Pooh Year , The Piglet Movie and The Hefalump Movie.
Anna Jurksztowicz is also publisher and producer of music. In the Modern Classics From Poland series, her publishing company Si Music Ltd promotes the contemporary works of composer Krzesimir Debski.

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